Institute for Business Integration and Digitalization

The Institute for Business Integration and Digitization is a scientific institution of the Faculty of Business and Economics of the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences and provides the organizational and productive framework to develop appropriate application possibilities for software systems in companies, public corporations or other organizations.

Tasks of the IBID

  • Applied research and development, in particular through the acquisition and implementation of projects with third-party funding
  • Scientific profiling
  • Proposals for the development of interdisciplinary, integrative teaching programs
  • Consultation on the areas of work for externals
  • Public Relations

Competences and main areas of work of the IBID

  • Application and networking of standard business software in small and medium-sized enterprises (e.g. DATEV, KHK, MS Business Central, SAP S/4HANA, database systems)
  • Planning and cloud-based operation of integrated standard software
  • Planning and application of collaborative systems in the areas of Work 4.0 and learning (e.g. MS Sharepoint, Business Video Conferencing, Atlassian Jira)
  • IT Governance, Risk and Compliance Management (IT-GRC) for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Goals of the IBID

  • Implementation of application-oriented research and development projects within the scope of the educational mandate of the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary cooperation between professors
  • Support in the acquisition of third-party funding and in the management and coordination of research and development projects
  • Student education
  • Promoting digital transformation in business and government
  • Promoting the integration of IT systems in business and administration
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